“Benevolence is our Focus” photography contest



Within the context of the “International Benevolence Awards,” which will be held for the third time on the 12th of March 2017, The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation is organizing a photography contest.

The aim of the contest entitled, ‘Benevolence is our Focus’ is to promote the spread of benevolence, to raise awareness and encourage acts of kindness.

Participation in the contest, organized by the Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey is open to everyone.

In this contest, photograph-lovers who press the shutter for benevolence will reward the photographs that best portray benevolence. The winner of the contest will receive 7,500 TL, the second place 5,000 TL and the third place 2,500 TL. A fee will also be paid to the pieces that are deemed worthy of being exhibited.

Those who wish to take part in this contest can do so making their application on the following websites: http://www.diyanetvakfi.org.tr

and http://iyilikodulleri.net before the 12th of February 2017 at 23:00. Applications may also be made by following the links on the website below: http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org All terms and conditions regarding the contest are available on these websites.

The results of Turkiye Diyanet Foundation’s ‘Benevolence is our Focus’ photography contest will be announced on the 15th of February 2017.

Online Application


1 – THE DEFINITION OF BENEVOLENCE: Benevolence, is the purpose of existence. Humankind exist to do good, to do right and to do what is useful in the world; humans exist to fight against evil and bad in the world. The contest is to picture benevolence: a concept accepted by every phase of humanity and by every religion, the universal meaning of helping, being useful and making the world a better place;portraying benevolence in a material and spiritual way through a photograph.

2 – Participation is free of cost

3 – Participants may send in a maximum of 3 (three) digital and/or black and white photographs. The other photograph of a photographer who is ranked first, second or third might be selected for the exhibition.

4 – Photographs or parts of photographs which have already been ranked or exhibited may not participate in this contest. This includes all possible variations on these pictures (such as different framing, changing color etc.). Photographs which have been published elsewhere does not prevent them from being accepted into this contest. If a photograph is found to be ranked in another contest, the participant will be disqualified due to violating the rules.

5 – Editing photographs (color, sharpness, removing dust, contrast etc.) is allowed within the acceptable range.

6 – The structure of the photograph must remain unchanged. The jury’s opinion will form the basis of this judgement.

7 – Photographs composed of more than one photograph, for eg. a montage will not be accepted in this contest.

8 – Panorama shots composed by aligning several pictures together is only acceptable if the pictures are consecutively taken of a real scene.

9 – By uploading his/her photograph the participant agrees, declares and pledges that all photographs uploaded to the websites are his and he is the rightful photographer. If this is not the case, the participant will be disqualified due to a rule violation.

10 – All photographs sent in should be taken by the participant. The participant is accountable for all legal responsibility that may arise due to copyright claims of third parties. In such a case, the participant will be disqualified due to a rule violation.

11 – Sanctions will be imposed to the violators of the rules of this contest according to article 13 of the U/UA regulations of contest organization of Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF). The reward of the participant will be cancelled; the reward, title and awards will all be taken back. This will not change the ranking of the other participants; neither will the participants have the right for the claim of a reward. If a reward is given to the participant, he/she will have to return it.

12 – Participants with ongoing restrictions relating to the above violations will not be able to participate.

13 – Any people in the photographs will be considered to be informed and have granted permission to the photographer to be published on the internet and other media outlets. All responsibility of author and portrait right claims belongs to the participant.

14 – Photographs which received a reward or which are displayed during the exhibition will be saved in the archive of Turkiye Diyanet Foundation. The awarded photographs are allowed to be used by the Presidency of Religious Affairs and Turkiye Diyanet Foundation beginning from the contest’s end date. This allowance is unrestricted in time and place in all of the two organizations media outlets on condition that the name of the photographer is mentioned along with the photograph; the photographs may also be published as a book. The rights of use will also remain with the photographer. The participant accepts that he/she will have no right to claim any of these aforementioned rights from Turkiye Diyanet Foundation or the sponsors of the contest.

15 – The results of the contest will be announced through the websites of Turkiye Diyanet foundation, www.uluslararasiiyilikodulleri.com and www.diyanetvakfi.org.tr and the website of TFSF – Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey: www.tfsf.org and www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org. The awarded photographs will be published on the websites of TFSF and also on Almanak 2017 which is a media outlet of TFSF.

16 – The photographs should be ready to be sent in an unedited state (original dia positive, negative or digital) to the organizations upon request for investigation, if needed.

17 – If there is a topic not covered by these terms of agreement, or there is a contradiction between the aforementioned terms, the U/UA regulations of contest organization of Photographic Arts Federation of Turkey (TFSF) will be applied.


  1. All applications must be made online. Applications of another kind (mail, cargo etc.) will not be accepted.
  2. Applications must be done either through http://iyilikodulleri.net and by following the links or through http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/. The participant must make sure he follows all steps and regulations.
  3. The participant must register on the mentioned websites before sending in his/her photographs. The registration will be complete after the activation link in his/her mailbox is received and clicked. Those who already are registered may use their old username and password.
  4. The photographs must have been entitled and its dimensions organized before uploading on the website. The photographs must be uploaded in one time.
  5. The photographs must be uploaded without passe-partout (picture framing) and without white margins. The photograph should not be signed, marked, dated etc.
  6. The photographs must be in jpg/jpeg format, 150-300 dpi sharpness, saved with 8-12 compression quality, not less than 2 Mb and no more than 4 Mb.
  7. All photograph maps must be named with a maximum of 31 characters. Letters such as Ç, Ğ, İ, Ö, Ş, Ü, ç, ı, ğ, ö, ş, ü are not to be used. English letters and underscore       ( _ ) are allowed.

All characters except for the country code and section codes must be in non-capital letters.

  1. Entitling

Step 1: The first two letters of the file must be the country code (for Turkey “TR”).

Step 2: The name of the owner of the photographs must be written next, with a maximum of 5 characters (For example: “Ömer Eril Yılmaz” becomes omery or oeril or oeyil or something similar).

Step 3: The next character must be the capital letter of the section (D for Digital)

Step 4: the number of sequence must be written with numbers (from 1 to 4) and an underscore must be added after.

Step 5: after the underscore the participant must name the photograph without exceeding the number of maximum characters. For example “TRomeryD1_belediye_cad” and “TRomeryD2_zburnu_meydani”.

If the participant encounters any sort of problem during the registration or application process, he/she is kindly requested to contact our helpdesk through the following email adress: onlineyarismalar@tfsf.org.tr.

9. The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation is not responsible for any of the problems that may occur during the registration and application process.


Start of the contest: 23.12.2016

Deadline for participation to the contest: 12.02.2017 at 23.00 TSI (20.00 GMT)

Gathering of the Jury: 14.02.2017

Announcement of results: 15.02.2017

THE JURY (in alphabetic order according to first names)

Abdurrahman ANTAKYALI – Photography artist

Abdurrahman ÇETİN – Deputy General Manager of Turkiye Diyanet Foundation

Ali İhsan GOKCEN – Photography artist, İFSAK

Firat YURDAKUL – Anadolu Newsagent

Murat GUR – Photography artist

Murat Sezer – Reuters

Mustafa YILMAZ – Photography artist

A minimum of three jury members will come together.

TFSF Representative: Necip Evlice


First place: 7.500,- TL

Second place: 5.000,- TL

Third Place: 2.500,- TL

Photographs that will be exhibited (a maximum of 50 photographs): 100,- TL


Applications must be done either through http://iyilikodulleri.net by following the links or through http://www.tfsfonayliyarismalar.org/ by registering and uploading their pictures.

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