The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation Seeks International Pioneers of Benevolence

Stories of benevolence are being collected within Turkey and in many other countries, for the fourth “International Benevolence Awards” program organised by the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation in 2018.

The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation which has been conveying our people’s donations to many places around the world, under the slogan “until goodness prevails on the face of the earth,” will award pioneers of benevolence and their stories of goodness, once again, with the “Turkiye Diyanet Foundation International Benevolence Awards” program in order to increase awareness of and spread benevolence.


“We must Bring Benevolence back to Humanity’s Agenda”

Stating that they regard living for benevolence as their purpose of existence, the Foundation’s General Director Mustafa Tutkun, said that the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation organises the “International Benevolence Awards” program to spread benevolence and invite humanity to benevolence.

Tutkun stated, “We organise the International Benevolence awards to bring benevolence back to humanity’s agenda in a climate where an attempt is being made for wrongdoing to dominate the world because we believe that telling one story of benevolence to the public will encourage many to do good.”

 Tutkun stated that by organising the “International Benevolence Awards” program they aspire to bring to the forefront stories of benevolence which stand as an example for the world and the societies they live in. He then continued:

“Naturally, every act of goodness is valuable; our main goal is to give our country and the world we live in the message that a small act of goodness can become hope for millions of people. Since the first Turkiye Diyanet Foundation International Benevolence Awards program was organised in 2015, we have tried to narrate the many stories of benevolence to our society and the world we live in. In 2017, we awarded the heroes of 7 stories which stood out among hundreds of story suggestions from the Foundation’s branches, our country’s people, our partners abroad and in the media and on social media; stories from Asia to Europe, from Africa to the Balkans, from America to the Far East and Turkey in particular.”

General Director Tutkun recalled that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan presented the International Benevolence Awards in the year 2017, in a program which was themed “Benevolence will change the world at the Istanbul Haliç Congress Centre.

The 4th International Benevolence Awards will find their Owners on the 11th of March

By transforming their anniversary into a movement of goodness, The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation will host the International Benevolence Awards for the fourth time in 2018, with the aim of raising awareness about benevolence, charity and goodness in Turkey and in all the countries of the world it provides services in.

Stories of benevolence which denote a breakthrough for the world or the community, bringing different cultures together, reinvigorating society or inspiring one’s surroundings, encompassing the world may be sent to until 31st of December 2017. The stories of benevolence which pass the commission and jury’s assessment will be given an award during the ceremony on 11th of March 2018.

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