On its 40th Anniversary the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation declared the 13 March “International Benevolence Day”. It held its first program in 2015 and gave awards to the benefactors.

Revolutionizing the world and the society we live in, mobilizing people, creating an inspiring and effective environment, bringing people of different languages and diverse cultures together, protecting all creatures for the sake of the Creator and matters encompassing Benevolence stories have transpired in this program. It has become a new tradition for the Foundation.

 The crisis of the world is rapidly spreading, thus there is a problem of safety and security that is placing people in a critical situation. Projects and programmes are underway to help alleviate and eradicate the poverty situation, improve the well-being and welfare of people and encourage compassion by creating a sense of connectedness and foster kindness. The world is in high demand for human kindness. Wars and civil conflicts are having adverse effects on the material and spiritual facet of people and communities.

The Turkiye Diyanet Foundation “International Benevolence Award”, in the short term is working towards influencing people to be kind and in the long term is dedicated to producing informed solutions and activities to counter the current social and economical problems.

It is making an diligent effort and taking the necessary steps in creating awareness and increase public consciousness to restore peace and brotherhood in the Islamic world, fight against problems affecting the whole of humanity thusly providing unique and concrete solutions to violence, terror, hatred, racism, discrimination, occupancy, colonialism, Islamophobia, forced migration, hunger, poverty and injustice.